Master Shen Wu’s Canadian Health Charity Music Concert

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Master Shen Wu had a health charity Music of Life concert on Sunday, May 7th at River Rock Show Theater in Richmond, Canada.

Master Shen Wu is the internationally renowned music therapist, Qigong master, and founder of Shen Wu Joy of Life Chinese Music Therapy & Musical Qigong, a modern combination of powerful self-healing art from ancient China. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people all around the world with his healing concerts, healing music, workshops, music therapies, Qigong exercises, tapes, books, CDs, DVDs, especially in United States, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Australia, Mexico, Brazil among other countries.

According to “The Yellow Emperor’s Manual of Internal Medicine” written five thousand years ago, a doctor named Mio Fu, sat on the floor, playing a bamboo pipe as medical treatment. As time passed, people discovered that herbs could be useful in treating physical ailments.  People then added “grass” to the top of the character for “music”, completing the word for “medicine”.

Gong, Shang, Jieu, Zhe, and Yu are five notes, corresponding, respectively, to the five tastes–sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. The idea of medical treatment using the five notes came before that of the five flavors, but both were popular among the people of the time.  However, with the increase in efficacy of herbal medicine, the use of music as medicine vanished completely.

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