Who is Master Shen Wu?

Young Master Shen Wu



In Chinese Culture, the word Master means Physician and teacher, a person who has the knowledge, ability and expertise in Chinese Medicine, martial arts and Qi Gong.  It is a term of respect and honor.  Master Shen Wu is such a person.

Master Shen Wu, founder of Shen Wu Joy of Life Chinese Music Therapy Musical Qigong, was born in a Physician’s family in China, with a special healing gift of which he was unaware until the age of eight. He is a renowned master qigong practitioner who inherited his family treasures in medicine and absorbed himself in the study of ancient Chinese medicine literature. He has been able to revive and even advance the therapy used and enjoyed only by royal families some 3,000 years ago. The science was thought to have long vanished with the end of the Chinese dynasties.





His inner Qi energy is now one with the Universe. After helping countless patients in China, Master Wu has helped many patients in USA through his frequent seminars conducted in different states for the last few years. He has helped many patients with terminal diseases and chronic conditions. Not only the suffering and pain was reduced and quality of life improved, but further spread of the disease was stopped and even reverted in many cases. Dr. Neil Finkler, M.D. of ORMC who specializes in oncology, believes much benefit can accrue by the combination of this ancient therapy with modern medical technology.




Painting and calligraphy – with published works

Music – able to compose and play more than 40 different types of musical instruments


Wu’s grandfather was a well-known doctor in Shangqiu city. He passed down his knowledge of Chinese medical healing technique to Wu’s third uncle, who in return taught Wu all the skills.Attended many special seminars on medicine, health, and healing sciences held by famous professors, doctors, qigong and taiji masters in various parts of China since very young.


    May 2002 Massachusetts Institute of Alternative Medicine Diploma
    Thesis: The Theory of Chinese Musical Qigong and the Concept of Qi, Music, and Chinese Medicine.
    1989-1993 Superior Official College of Central Government of China, Henan, Diploma
    Major in philosophy and economics.
    1988-1989 Beijing International Qigong Center, two short term training programs for Chinese medicine and qigong.
    1974-1979 Under the direction and supervision of some famous Chinese medicine experts and professors, systematically studied the theories of Chinese medicine, including: the Basics of Chinese Medicine, Prescriptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Diagnostics, and Chinese Material art. Chinese advance Qi Gong science research center training program. Received “Best treatise award”, “Qi Gong master” certification.