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  • Master Shen Wu has been invited to attend World Congress of Music Therapy


  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as Executive Chairman of China’s Professional Musical Medicine and Device Technology Association


  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as Director of China’s Prenatal Education Committee at China’s Association of the Prenatal and Postnatal Care


  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as an assistant Executive Chairman of Chinese Medicine Top Doctors Association and received associated certificate at the event
  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as a specially hired consultant for the Forbes Shanghai Investment LLC and received associated certificate at the event


  • Master Shen Wu received “Music before Medicine, Etiquette and Music for the World“ medal from Chungnam National University’s Confucius Institute and Sungkyunkwan University’s East Culture Institute
  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as an Executive Editor of “National Treasure-Chinese National Medicinal Masters” Committee


  • Master Shen Wu was chosen as the disciple of the nationally-distinguished Chinese medical doctor, Professor Yimin Gao, who was certified by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China
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  • Master Shen Wu was presented a Certificate of Honor with“Outstanding Contributions” for his anti-aging effort at the Chinese Anti-Aging International Medical Forum
  • On December 28, 2008, Master Shen Wu was honored to be a “Top Ten Figures with Outstanding Contributions to the Development of The Chinese Medical and Pharmaceutical industry in 30 years of reform and liberalization”.
  • Certificate of Honor Master Shen Wu, is honored to “2008 Top ten Most Influential Figures in the Chinese Medical and Pharmaceutical lndustry”.


  • Master Shen Wu, Xin Zhong Qian (Former Minister of the Department of Health) and Yin Zhang Fang (vice minister of Air Force Department of Health) at the General Offices of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)
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  • Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development
    A conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Health. On December 7, 2005, Prof. Shen Wu was invited to the third Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development conference which was held in the People’s Congress Hall. During the conference, Prof. Wu represented several overseas scholars and voiced the thesis and study on “Music’s Functions Parallel to the Medicine’s.” Also, he was elected as one of the board members for Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development.
  • Vice President of the Worldwide Chinese Alliance
    On October 1, 2005 Prof. Shen Wu was elected to be the Vice President for the Worldwide Chinese Alliance due to his contribution, “Music before Medicine,” to the medical field.
  • Invitation from the Prime Minister to the Chinese National Day Celebration
    On October 1, 2005, the Chinese Prime Minister, Jiabao Wen, invited him for the National Day Celebration of the 56th anniversary.


  • World Excellent Chinese Award
    On October 1, 2004, the People’s Congress Council deputy commissioner, Zhaofen Wan, presented Professor Shen Wu a medal and certificate of World Excellent Chinese Award for his contributions to the human health and medicine.
  • On May 5, 2004, Master Shen Wu has been appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa


  • “Music and Ancient Chinese Medicine to Help Mankind”, Certificate of Honor, presented by Health Today, Inc. a Chinese Journal published in New York, May 17, 2003.


  • “Leadership in Diversity” for commitment and dedicated leadership in initiating and implementing civic and educational activities that promote cultural pluralism, Asian American Heritage Council, Asian Gala 2001.


  • Letters from the White House, Jul. 13, 2000
    President Clinton wrote Professor Shen Wu twice to appreciate and commend his contributions to the Americans as well as the humankind.

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  • The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Comprehensive Cancer Care 2000 Conference, Jun.15, 2000
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement by Chinese Embassy for Wu’s donation to help children in Yunan Province to return to school, Washington, June 2, 2000.
  • “Honorable Celebrity Prize” for the documentary “Music Before Medicine” which features Master Shen Wu and Music Qigong Therapy at Cannes Film Festival, May 2000.


  • “Music Qigong: A Therapeutic Use of Qigong Energy Combined with Shen Wu’s Music”, a workshop conducted at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, May 14, 1999.
  • Letter of appreciation from Governor of Hawaii, Apr. 23, 1999
  • Certificate of Member of “World Famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor” by International Association of Integrated Medicine, April 1999.
  • Certificate of Member of “World Qigong Master” by International Association of Qigong, April 1999.
  • Certificate of winner of “World Excellent Traditional Chinese Medical Product” by International Association of Integrated Medicine, April 1999.


  • Certificate of the Hwang-Di Award for excellent paper, the 7th International Congress of Chinese Medicine, American Eastern Medical Institute, August 1998.
  • Certificate of winner of Los Angeles International Golden Award for his outstanding contribution to the distribution and development of acupuncture, qigong, oriental medicine and integrated medicine in the world, July 1998.


  • Certificate of the Hwang-Di Award for excellent paper, the 6th International Congress of Chinese Medicine, American Eastern Medical Institute, 1997
  • In 1997 Professor Shen Wu’s Musical Therapy methods was approved by scientific research and acknowledged by Cambridge University of England. He was recognized and awarded as the World’s Most Outstanding Person. Also, Master Wu was listed in the “Who’s Who” of world outstanding people, published by International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England, 1997.


  • Certificate of Honor presented by the President of the United Qigong Association of Eastern America for Wu’s teaching and practicing of Music Qigong as an alternative healing and healthcare method in dozens of American cities, February 1995.


  • Featured report on Music Qigong in “Qianfan Jin Fengliu”, a book about the successful people in Henan, China, prefaced by Li Changchun who is currently a senior leader in China’s Central Government, Xinhua Press, February 1994.