Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Report

Report from Dr. Wong, Dr. Yee and Dr. Wong

Master Shen Wu and Mrs. Wong's family

Mrs.Wong's family

Mrs. Wong was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in Oct. 99. She had received chemotherapy throughout the past year with 6 months remission before relapsed into the critical accelerated blast phase.

Suffering from the side effects of the chemotherapy listed below:
night sweat
edema of feet
poor appetite
dry mouth
strength less

Mrs. Wong had received total of 5 treatments from Master Wu while he was in California between 27-31 Oct. 2000. All the above signs and symptoms were improved or disappeared after the treatments. She was able to stand and walk herself and her energy level was increased significantly.


Letter from the family:
December 05, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Kenneth Wong, D.D.S., and I would like to commend and sincerely thank Master Shen Wu for significantly improving the physical and mental well-being of our mother, Chi Wong, through his Music Qi Gong treatment. Our family, along with Dr. Ellen Yee, M.D., Internal Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), were amazed and impressed with the results of Master Wu’s Qi Gong treatment. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to Master Wu’s wife, Wu Tai Tai, and Eliza at Master Wu’s clinic in Orlando, Florida, for playing integral and valuable roles in setting up the treatment sessions.

Our mother has chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). She was diagnosed with CML in October 1999. Throughout the past year, she has been undergoing Western medical chemotherapy treatment at UCLA involving experimental clinical trials and FDA approved drugs. These included Peg Intron, STI-571, Mylotarg, and ARA-C. Peg Intron and Mylotarg were ineffective, STI-571 provided our mother with approximately 6 months of remission before she relapsed into the critical accelerated/blast phase, and currently ARA-C has stabilized her condition. However, she does suffer from the side effects of the chemotherapy which include fatigue, nausea, severe lack of appetite, and pain.

Master Shen Wu treated our mother with five sessions of his Music Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy)  from October 27 through October 31, 2000, in Los Angeles, California. Just several days prior to Qi Gong treatment, our mother started taking daily injections of ARA-C and had extreme fatigue and lack of strength, nausea, pain, and severe lack of appetite. She could not walk or stand up by herself. Her Complete Blood Count (CBC) taken during the ARA-C treatment showed that her white blood cell (WBC) counts and blast cell counts were higher than the nominal ranges but were decreasing. Our subjective observations have concluded that Master Wu’s Music Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) treatment signifcantly improved our mother’s physical condition and mental outlook. During and after Master Wu’s Qi Gong treatment sessions, the following changes were observed in our mother:

(1) Just after the first Qi Gong session, our mother’s energy level was significantly increased. Her strength increased. She was able to stand and walk by herself!

(2) The swelling in her feet and stomach decreased.

(3) The pain under her right ribs was reduced and her comfort level increased.

(4) Her appetite increased.

(5) She slept and rested well.

(6) Her mucous decreased.

(7) Her outlook and disposition improved tremendously. She became positive and happier.

(8) And in conjunction with the ARA-C injections, her CBC taken after the fifth Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) session showed that the blast cell count had decreased even more and her WBC stabilized within the normal range.

We spoke to an oncologist at UCLA and asked him what he thought about Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) . He said that some Western physicians know of Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) , know that Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) somehow works when done by the right person, and are aware that Western medicine cannot explain how or why Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy)  works. But the majority of practitioners of Western medicine still remain skeptical of Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) .

However, based on our observations, we firmly believe that Master Wu is the right person to perform Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) treatment and that Master Wu’s Music Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) can provide physical and mental benefits in a number of different ways to patients. The results that we observed in our mother are very tangible and impressive. We definitely will have more Music Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) treatment sessions performed by Master Wu on our mother in the near future.


Dr. Clifford Wong,
Ph.D. Dr. Kenneth Wong,
D.D.S. Dr. Ellen Yee, M.D.

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