Entertainment Industry Hawaii International Film Festival Executive Director Chuck Boller’s Testimonial

Master Shen Wu and HIFF Executive Director Chuck Boller

Chuck Boller Letter

Chuck Boller Letter 2

Chuck Boller

1164 Bishop Street

Suite 124

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

August 15, 2004


Dear Master Shen Wu

I am writing to thank you and to let you know my feelings about your wonderful Musical Qigong treatment.

I had been impressed upon first meeting you at the University of Hawaii. Your lecture on musical qigong was exciting and intriguing to me. When I later broke my arm, our mutual friends recommended that I see you and you very kindly began treating me.

Your manner is so wise and your knowledge so deep that conversations with you are therapy in themselves. I am particularly impressed that you not only compose all of your own music, but you also play all of the instruments. You are your own orchestra! Your talents are wide and profound.

At first, I listened to “Heavenly Tunes from the Himalayas” and then you expanded my experience to include your five CD’s focusing upon elemental tones and the parts of the body they affect. I listened to a different CD in the series every evening as I went to bed. “Wood Tone” was for Monday; all the way through to “Water Tone” on Friday.

The effect of your musical qigong treatment upon my broken arm and upon my health in general has been, I believe, profound and important. You told me several times during our conversations that I would have no residual pain or trouble with my arm. That is absolutely true. I have no after effects or leftover problems whatsoever with my arm. I have full use of it is as if I never injured it.

I found that listening to your music comforted me and focused my thoughts and energy upon my arm. This, I am sure, helped with the healing process. I would go to bed with my arm tired, sore, and tender. Each time, your music would center my thoughts on my arm, which would help the problems subside. My arm would become more comfortable and deep rejuvenating sleep would follow.

I enjoyed your music in terms of musical composition and also in terms of its effects upon my body. When listening, for example, to “Water Tone,” which focuses on kidneys, I definitely believe that I could sense and feel the tones in my kidneys. The same with “Metal Tone” for lungs and “Wood Tone” for liver.

Listening to your music focused my thoughts and energies upon the particular body area and made this area sensitive.

I also found that listening to your music would allow my thoughts to soar and wander. This relaxed me tremendously and increased the quality of my sleep. I enjoyed listening to the sounds and thinking of what they represented. You discussed sections of your compositions with me describing a bit about what they represented. The thoughts they created allowed me to know the wind, rain, and other feelings created. Thinking about the musical sounds and massages was very relaxing mentally.

Your musical qigong will be an important and significant part of my life from this point on. I can never than you enough for your tremendous kindness and thoughtfulness. Your music and personal treatments were, to me, a very significant factor in my recovering full use of my injured arm. It is as if I had never injured it, just as you told me it would be.


My grateful regards,

Chuck Boller


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