Financial Industry National Best Seller Charles Givens’s Testimonial


The world famous best selling author, Charlies Givens, was suffering from rectal cancer, prostate cancer, anal cancer and other multiple cancers in 1990s. Due to deterioration of the disease, cancer cells spread throughout the body, his body had a lot of abdominal swelling and unbearable pain. This caused him not being able to eat and have sleepless nights, experts believe that life can only be maintained for ten days.  After the emergency rescue treatment of

After the emergency rescue treatment of Master Wu, Givens’s pain miraculously disappeared, not only can eat, sleep, the original urinary difficulties due to anal cancer were improved, he had normal excretion. He also made significant progress in a variety of disease. Surprisingly, his prostate cancer magically improved, sexual function had recovered. After only four of Master Shen Wu’s treatments and listening to Master Wu’s 7 Day Music for Healing, Givens could actually get up from his bed and personally drive Rolls-Royce car to the clinic. After twenty days, he had restored his youthful vitality, not only did he go to work, he also brought his family to travel in Europe so he could enjoy the life he almost lost and have some fun.

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