Master Shen Wu and The Song of Five Tones

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sound of five tone

Born in the Chinese province of Henan and a grandson of the famed Doctor Huaxian Wu, Professor Wu fulfilled his grandfather’s wish and became a doctor who not only uses his medical knowledge well, but also cares for patients with kindness. Throughout his life, he has had many unusual encounters that have added to his extensive knowledge. With his theories of “Music before Medicine” and “Music is also Medicine”, he has revealed the lost remedies of ancient Chinese music therapy and became the first person to introduce Five Tones Therapeutic Music to the modern world.

Over the last decade, Professor Wu spent a great deal of time studying ancient medical texts such as the “I-Ching—Five Tones and Eight Sounds”, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine – Five Tones and Five Major Organs” and “Twelve Scales and Twelve Meridians”. He has combined music melody with physiology to create a systematic and organized subject with a series of musical therapeutic methods. It contains a strong root in ancient philosophy and is differentiated from the Western method of seven scales.

Professor Wu’s Chinese Therapeutic Music coordinates with the active rhythm of life to create harmonious sound waves and vibrations for a healthier life. As seen from the results of modern clinical experiments, his music can reduce patient pain, enhance patient health, extend life expectancy, and stimulate body potentiality and brain development. Furthermore it generates inner strength and balances the human body.

During 1997 and 1998, Professor Wu won awards for “Best International Medicine” and “Yellow Emperor Dissertation” from the Chinese Association for the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine. In 1999, he also won “Best Chinese Medical Doctor” and “World’s Most Outstanding Chinese Medicine” from the same organization at the 6th Annual meeting at the University of Southern California. He was congratulated and acknowledged by President Clinton and the Governor of California.

Shen Wu’s therapeutic musical treatments have been officially recognized in the US for their outstanding results. He has also been acknowledged by Western medical specialists for his clinical experiments. Professor Wu is a professor of Medicine at the University of Hawaii, the Dean of the Institute of Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine and a Director at the Medical Therapeutic Music Center in the US.

Five Tones and Five Major Organs

the sound of five tone9

-applied for therapeutic music treatments through the sound waves and vibrations.

Five Tones and Five Major Organs – we know that our liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys reflect the ancient Chinese musical scales “Jue, Zhi, Gong, Shang, Yu”. The five ancient Chinese musical scales can be applied to prevent diseases and to treat and cure patients. Our human body is influenced by a series of regulated vibrations. When the frequency of the vibrations of our body’s major organs matches the frequency of the sound waves, it creates resonance effects. These then affect our brain and our mind. That is why two of the scales are pronounced differently (as “jue” not “jiao” and “Zhi” not “Zheng”), due to the sounds resonating through our body.

They boost our immune system, generate our strength, and stimulate and improve our metabolism. While following the repetitions from my teaching and once we are used to the sound wave stimulation, we will be able to emit the inner sound effectively and energetically. It guides us to exhale the ineffective Qi through the abdominal and respiratory track and inhale the healthy Qi, fresh air, oxygen and an immense amount of anions. This practice will enhance and improve our heart, liver, brain, spleen, kidney and lung systems to prevent disease, strengthen our body and extend our life expectancy.

– by Shen Wu


Song titles:


The sound of five tones3

  1. “Five Tones and Five Major Organs”

-for therapeutic treatment with sound waves and vibrations.

(narrated by Professor Wu)

  1. The Song of Five Tones (duet)
  2. The Song of Five Tones (solo)
  3. How the Five Tones regulate the Five Major Organs (narrated by Professor Wu)
  4. Reciting the Five Tones

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the sound of five tonethe sound of five tone1the sound of five tone2




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