Master Shen Wu Attended the Forbes Shanghai Investment Opening Ceremony

Master Shen Wu attended the Forbes Shanghai Investment Opening Ceremony on July 19th, 2011.

Master Shen Wu became a specially hired consultant for Forbes Shanghai Investment and he received associated certificate from Forbes Shanghai Investment’s CEO Changjing Ma.

He lectured at the event on “Green Medicine-Joy of Life, Music before Medicine.” He also performed piano, gu xun, ba wu and taught more than four hundred business elites the “Sound of Five Tones” or the “Five Tones Song” in order to educate them on the life rhythm of health and fitness so that people would be able to learn how to reduce stress, the scientific theories behind ancient Chinese Music Therapy, and preventive medicine.

The well received music performance brought the crowd’s atmosphere to the climax of the ceremony. The business elites regarded highly of Master Shen Wu. They appreciated Master Shen Wu’s therapeutic music and the “music vitamin” that they gained through the performance.

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