Joy of Life (Music of Life) – Part I

Joy of Life (Music of Life) – Part II

A research book and pictorial deciphers the works and life of those famous philosophers, musicians, doctors, painters, and other sages in China’s five thousand years’ history: how they use musical instruments, chess, poems, songs, books, and paintings, to balance their mental and physical activity so as to keep a healthy life and maintain longevity (in Chinese), in press.


Music of Life – Road to Healthy Life

A column written by Master Wu for the Chinese Weekly – Health Today, published in New York, 2002 to present.


Musical Qigong

Ancient Chinese Healing Art from a Modern Master, Homa & Sekey Books, 2001, pp155.


Dongfang Fuyin – Music of Life

The World United Journal for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, 1997.


The Sound of Dragon (Chinese)

The basics of Music Qigong, Dongfang Wenku Press, August 1996.


Chuang Shishuo (Chinese)

A book about Wu’s life and how his life time research of ancient Chinese philosophy, music, language, and arts, etc. leads to the creation of Music Qigong as a healing therapy and a tool to keep good health, 1994.


Dongfang Fuyin Qigong (Chinese)

A revised book that was certified by China Qigong Scientific Research Association as an excellent Qigong technique, 1990.


100 Questions and Answers of Music Qigong Therapy (Chinese), 1987.


Dongfong Fuyin Qigong (Chinese)

A text book for practice Music Qigong, 1986.



Heavenly Tune 1996


Shining Spring 1996


Receptive Souls 1996


A Journey in Harmony I 1996


A Journey in Harmony II 1996


Wood Tone – Liver Channel 2003


Fire Tone – Heart Channel 2003


Earth Tone – Spleen Channel 2003


Metal Tone – Lung Channel 2003


Water Tone – Kidney Channel 2003


True Love 2003


The Sound of Five Tones 2003


The Wind From the South  2003


7 Day Chinese Music Therapy CD Collection Set 2010


Sound of the Dragon – Qigong Exercise DVD 2002


Healthcare and Therapeutic Music – VCD 1998


Musical Qigong Exercise Video Tape/DVD III 1998


Musical Qigong Therapeutical Collection 1995


Musical Qigong Exercise Video Tape/CD II 1995


Musical Qigong Exercise Tape II 1992


Musical Qigong Instructional Video Tape I (Chinese) 1992


Musical Qigong Exercise Video Tape I (Chinese) 1987



Joy Of Life No. 1, herbal supplement beneficial for improving immune system for cancer, 2002.


SW-500, herbal supplement beneficial for improving immune system for cancer, 2004.


SW-600, herbal supplement beneficial for improving immune system for diabetes, 2004.


SW Immuno Detox, herbal supplement beneficial for enhancing immune system and detoxing the body, 2016.