Music Industry Musician Lingling Guan’s Testimonial

Lingling Guan Master Shen Wu and Lingling Guan

To Whom It May Concern 3rd July 1985

I am delighted to be able to recommend extremely highly this wonderfully talented and competent violinist, whom I had the great pleasure of hearing in Gstaad during the month of May 1985.

Lingling Guan is certainly destined for a very fine future career and I will be watching out for her certain progress as she advances through life.

Sir Yehudi Menuhin


My name is Ling Guan. I am a member of the St.Louis Symphony Orchestra and I am a violinist.

For the last six months, I had pain on my right shoulder, which prevented me from playing. On June 19 through the 20, 1999. I attended Master Shen Wu’s Musical Qigong healing workshop at St.Mary’s Health Center in St.Louis, Missouri. I gained a lot from this experience. After the workshop, Master Wu gave me two short treatments, which quickly and dramatically reduced the pain in my shoulder, and I was able to resume playing the violin immediately.

Thereafter, I continued to practice the method Master Wu taught at the workshop with the music (Chinese music therapy – music for healing) he composed. I found the method called “Meditation of Soul Energy” especially useful. Whenever I practice this particular method with his music, my body and mind became very calm and peaceful while experiencing a warm sensation in my hands, and arms. The music has such healing power for me, sometimes I can practice this method for forty minutes without awareness of time. Afterward, I feel energized and peaceful. It really makes me happy and content. It encourages me to continue learning more about Musical Qigong.

I truly appreciate Master Wu’s exceptional gift of healing and I feel privileged and fortunate to have met him.

Lingling Guan

July 7 1999

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