Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Case

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Case from Dr. Yang

Master Shen Wu and Dr. Yang

“One of my patients brought Master Wu to UCLA campus where I met him for the first time. My patient had CML (chronic myeloid leukemia) who unfortunately had failed medical treatment including one of the experimental treatments known as GLEEVEC. (which is one of the pretty hot topics in cancer research recently) So the family tried to find another alternative to treat their mother. Eventually they found Master Wu. So Master Wu flew from Florida to Los Angeles. He gave her treatments for a one week. She got much better. Upon leaving for Florida, Master Wu stopped by my place and that was the first time I met him.


Most of the patients Master Wu have treated are patients who have failed under the traditional western medicine treatment. Quite often these patients have given up on western medicine and are looking for the alternative medicine. Master Wu can provide very effective treatment in this respect..

I actually was surprised to see the result of this patient, as I stated, failed with the GLEEVEC treatment. She Initially had responded but eventually had a recurrence of the disease and did not respond to the GLEEVEC anymore. These Patients we consider “end stage” patients and are not giving them much treatment.

The patient just laid in bed, could not eat, did not have energy, and was very weak. I consider this patient to not have many days to live. But, to my surprise, after her treatment with Master Wu, she actually got much better. She had more energy, started to eat, got up from bed and was walking around. So, this was a dramatic change.

Well, this is obviously a very interesting topic. Literally, we don’t have a good answer. From the viewpoint of western medicine knowledge, it is very difficult to explain this kind of phenomena. Frankly speaking, we cannot explain this.

I have two thoughts on this, Number 1: the symptoms definitely improved. The patient actually had the pain and fatigue alleviated. As I stated, the patient could literally get up from the bed.

The second thing: I think this approach can also prolong a patient’s life, especially end stage patients. We quite often see the patient in bed with not many days to live but after the treatment the patient got better. They can live longer as long as they are getting this treatment.

Most cancer patients become very weak partially due to the progress of the disease and chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Especially towards the end stage of the disease as the disease progresses to the point that it catches their health, they are extremely weak and there is really not too much hope in their life. On the contrary, when they receive this kind of qigong treatment given by Master Wu, they see a big change. They see complete reversal of the disease.

Two of the patients have been treated by Master Wu. The first patient that I just mentioned, has end stage CML (chronic myeloid leukemia) and failed multiple anti leukemia treatments which include stem cell transplant and the experimental drug GLEEVEC. Eventually the patient sought the help of Master Wu. My understanding is that Master Wu flew from Florida to Los Angeles twice. Each time he spent about a week and gave the patient five (5) treatments each time. At the end of each treatment, the patient got much better and became stronger. She gained energy, her appetite substantially increased. She started eating and went from initially only lying in bed to the point where she could walk around. So it was a substantial improvement from my point of view. Certainly it’s a kind of magic because of the end stage nature of the patient.

The second patient who was treated by Master Wu is a 45 yr old lady who has end stage multiple myeloma . Multiple myeloma is bone marrow cancer. Patients can deteriorate severely in the end stage of the disease. She had been treated with multiple anti- myeloma treatment, including high dose chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, and several experimental treatments. Obviously she failed most of the treatments to the point where there was not too much we could do to help her. At that time, Master Wu was in Los Angeles. So I referred this patient to Master Wu and he gave her, I believe, a week of treatments. To my amazement and that of the patient, toward the end of the treatment she got much better. She initially could only lie on the bed and was shaking constantly. She could not sleep because of profound discomfort, was somehow short of breath and could not speak too long. After Master Wu’s treatment, she literally could get up from the bed. Although she is still very weak and cannot walk too much, she can definitely sit up. She can sit in the wheelchair and move around, talk and sometimes even smile. So, to me this again is magic. I have never seen these things before in my previous experience.

Well, I have had exposure to both western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine. I have been trained in western medicine for many years, both for my clinical skill and basic research knowledge. On the other hand, during my training in medical school, I got training in China and I had a chance to touch traditional Chinese medicine. So I know a little bit about the Chinese medicine though I won’t claim I am an expert of traditional Chinese medicine. After I saw the dramatic response the patient had through Master Wu‘s treatment, obviously a lot of thinking went through my mind as I tried to think of how I could put these two methods together. One thing I‘ve been thinking of where this might be done is in some new research frontier, i.e., some of the areas that haven’t been touched by the approach we‘re using predominately in modern biological research such like mulicual biological research and genetic research. Obviously you can see we cannot use that kind of knowledge and technology to explain Master Wu’s approach. My suspicion is that maybe beyond the molecular level we may need to do some study by physics, like atoms, electrons and neutrons. One of the proposals regarding Chinese medicine, especially Qi gong in this regard, is that maybe in the human body (in the life) you may have a electronic and magnetic field. The static of the field may change when people get older, sick, and weak. Maybe through the Qigong Master Wu practices or delivers, some energy gets through to the patient, so the weak electronic and magnetic field can be corrected. And again to me this is all speculation, and I think it can be a very exciting and interesting area to study. I think that kind of study requires two kinds of scholars to be involved. One is obviously a biological scientist and the other scholar has to be involved in physics. So hopefully soon, the combination of these two scholars’ efforts can come to some new findings.

Actually the trend is moving towards that direction. As you can see, in the US and the European medical field, more and more doctors are accepting alternative medicine including acupuncture and Qi gong. In medical practice, I think Qigong can help us. For example, it can release the symptoms of the patient, especially the cancer patient. Number 2; Qigong may help us to prolong the patient’s life. As I been thinking for quite a long time, most chemotherapy and radiation therapy we give to the patient, unfortunately, we can see a lot of response, but mostly we are not seeing much gain in patient survival. In this case, maybe Qigong can prolong the patient’s life. So putting these two treatments together we may gain, number 1: The response that shrinks the size of the tumor (disappearance of malignant cells). At the same time we can prolong the patient’s life.

Another big area about Qigong . I just stated that if we can do some solid research using the most modern technology, especially in the physics area, maybe one day, I hope not long in the future, we can come out with some new insight on the biology of life.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this point is well accepted in most western medicine. You still have a lot of resistance simply because the knowledge structure is quite different between the two methods. One is western medicine and one is traditional Chinese medicine. And to most of western trained doctors, this is kind of a mystery. Beyond that, probably not too many people would give it serious thought. Although the situation has changed, as I just stated, more and more western medicine is taking it seriously and willing to do more research and treat patients with this kind of practice. So, I hope the situation continues to improve and more and more western doctors will take this approach seriously and provide this kind of treatment to the patient.

I think the Qigong given by Master Shen Wu is magic. It definitely has something in it. We shouldn’t overlook it. We should do more research to fully understand the mystery of this approach and also use this practice to help our patients.”

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