Dr. Todd Hartley’s Chinese Music Therapy Testimonial

Here is Dr. Hartley’s Chinese Music Therapy and Musical Qigong testimonial script, click the video on the left to watch his testimonial.

Dr. Todd Hartley, MD

Neurologist at Florida Hospital

40 years of experience, On Time Doctor Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition, Patients’Choice Awards

“Hi! I am Dr. Todd Hartley. I am a neurologist in Orlando. I am 56 years old. A couple of months ago I have a malignant melanoma on my left arm, I was told that it is quite thin and this is a good prognostic indicator that I would not have to worry about it and I should just get a chest x-ray and some blood test and I will be fine. However, a couple months later, I had a recurrence of melanoma that is referred to as a metastasis meaning that it went from the original side to a distant side. And this completely changed the prognosis on such that I was told that I had less than a 50% of chance of living five years. The treatment recommended to me was to have a wide incision cutting away tissues around the original site and the second site and taking out all the lymph nodes underneath my arm and also take the drug called alfa interferon for a year intravenously for a month and subcutaneously after that.”

“The problem with that medication is that it only gives you a slight increase in longevity and it makes you feel awful. It makes you vomit, have a fever and feel very tired. Well, none of the side effects of the chemotherapy made sense to me. Because I was already tired, my immune system was already weak and I was confident that the reason I got the metastasis and did so poorly with such a thin cancer was a weakened immune system. I was working too hard, not getting enough sleep, stressed out about my job, which is a very tense hospital practice. So I knew what I really needed is something that could strengthen my immune system and help me fight cancer.”

“I knew that nothing in the western medicine took that approach and I would have to turn to eastern medicine where the emphasis is on strengthening the body’s energy. And fortunately, my wife found an article in the newspaper about Master Wu. He teaches you exercises that you do on your own to strengthen your own energy and therefore your immune system. Plus he also treats you by having you listening to music and also conferring his own energy to you and strengthen your immune system that way. He’s giving me a lot of advice about how to live my life differently, relax more, have a more positive attitude.”

“And after about two or three weeks of therapy, when I had the surgery, they found absolutely no cancer whatsoever either in my primary site, secondary site or in the lymph notes. So Master Wu told me that he didn’t think I need the surgery and he was right. The value of my going ahead and having it though is it that I have proven to myself that he was right and his treatment [Chinese Music Therapy & Musical Qigong] works. My test did not show that I have any anywhere else but 80% of people who presented with lymph nodes positive are felt to have microscopic metastases and I am continuing the therapy so that these microscopic metastases can be destroyed and I can be completely free of cancer.”

“And now that I have proven to myself by having the surgery that the therapy works. I can be confident that it will work on the rest of my body. I am very pleased about that and I feel that my life has been turned around by this therapy. I came here frightened and depressed, feeling like my life is out of control. And as a result of meeting Master Wu, doing the exercises and getting his treatment. I feel that I’ve got control of my life back and I feel much more confident that I am going to beat this completely.”


What’s Chinese Music Therapy?

Music and musical instruments offered medicinal care to the human body. In ancient times, people used music as a kind of therapy. According to “The Yellow Emperor’s Manual of Internal Medicine”, the five musical tones correspond to the five internal organs–Gong – spleen, Shang – lung, Jiao – liver, Yu – kidney, and Zhi – heart. Sound waves, known as mechanical waves,  serve as an electrical medium, stimulating the organs in the body through acupuncture points. Music, therefore, enhances circulation of the blood, balances the energy systems and restores the health of the body.

Master Shen Wu developed his original Chinese Music Therapy after studying the “Yellow Emperor’s Manual of Internal Medicine”.  The music is based on the theory of classic tones and of Yang and Yin in Chinese traditional medicine. The effects of Shen Wu’s Chinese Music Therapy and Musical QIgong have been confirmed by many experimental procedures.

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