Testimonies from thousands of patients who benefited from Master Shen Wu’s healing Chinese Music Therapy & Musical Qigong. A must read for those who are new to Chinese music therapy and musical Qigong, those who are already practitioners, and anyone interested in complementary & alternative medicine or self-help.

Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa   

Japanese-American martial artist, actor and physiologist.

He has extensive film work and acted in over 30 Hollywood movies.

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008

When I first met Master Wu, I was in mild depression because my health did not reflect my lifelong commitment to health and well being. Mrs. Wu greeted me with such genuine compassion and caring when I first entered the house that I knew I was in safe loving hands. Master Wu’s open humility and expertise were shared so openly and freely. Once we began the intensive treatments, I immediately knew I had come to a true Master Healer. In 7 sessions, I had moved past the depression with awesome energy and felt that my Chi had been restored. I am enjoying a complete energy makeover and will be indebted to Master and Mrs. Wu eternally.


Dr. Rosanne Harrigan, PhDdrHariigan

Director of Faculty Affairs Department at John A. Burns School of Medicine

Chair of the Department of Complementary & Alternative Medicine at John A. Burns School of Medicine

“We believe that something that has existed in society for that many years must have some positive impact or people couldn’t and wouldn’t continue to using it. There’s also information to suggest that in case studies which we are preparing to submit to the National Cancer Institute right now. Master Wu in using this therapy has been able to reduce the pain experience in end stage cancer patients.”




Master Shen Wu & Dr. Harrigan

Dr. Neil J. Finkler, M.D.

Gynecologic Oncology Cancer Specialist
Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute
Florida Hospital
Assistant Professor of Gynecology at Harvard Medical School
Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Boston University Medical Center

Dr. Finkler was giving brief result of medical trial program where Master Wu was able to control cancer pain and prolong and improve the quality of life on end stage cancer patients.

I treated Yoko Tominaga three years ago. She had advanced cancer. She was operated on and we gave her some chemotherapy. It was about two years later, a year ago, when I was checking some of Yoko’s liver enzymes. I saw that some of the enzymes were going up, and some other things were happening. Yoko confessed to me that she had been doing other things.

I said ” Yoko, this is really very interesting because you had a cancer and you are well beyond what the normal survival is, but you have no evidence of the disease. I’ve scanned you six times and all your tumor markers are normal. I never understood? What happened?” Yoko then told me her confession that she had been doing some alternative therapies.

She’s been taking some herbs, and in addition she’s been doing Qigong. I said, what? And of course, I’ve never heard of this before. The subject was dropped for a while. One day, Tomi (Yoko husband) called and said he had a very dear friend in Japan, who had lung cancer. The doctors have given up; there’s nothing they can do. He wanted me to recommend someone she could see. I gave him the name of a medical oncologist to see for her lung cancer. She eventually got intra-bronchial radiation through the windpipe, and she had radiation in the lungs. I spoke with the radiation therapist and medical oncologist. They both told me that we were talking about days at best. They also told me there was no way of her eating again, that her tumor was pressing against her esophagus and she’d be lucky if she could get a sip in. And it has been 6-8 weeks before I saw Yoko back in the office, and she said you know, it’s an amazing thing not only is she alive but she has no pain, which was a big component. She was eating, breathing, and she was feeling a lot better.” Well, I’m a big skeptic. And one day, Tomi asked me if I would like to see one of these Qigong therapies. I had to see what this Qi Gong therapy was all about. So, I went down to Tomi’s house and actually witnessed a treatment for this patient with lung cancer, end stage, which conventional medicine had given up on. I brought my wife with me, and that was the first time I ever actually met Master Wu. As we sat in that room, certain things were happening. After we left Tomi’s house, my wife looked at me and said got so cold in that room. It was freezing! When we first walked in to that room, it was really very warm.” My wife said that she saw the thermostat on the wall and nobody was touching it. On subsequent visit, Master Wu explained to me what happened in the room and the principles behind all that. After a few more visits, we decided we were going to embark on a little trial. The trial was going to be on patients of mine, that I know that conventional medicine really had nothing more to offer.

Several things became very apparent about Qigong therapy. One, it certainly doesn’t hurt anybody. And probably the easiest thing for Qigong to do is to take pain away. One of my patients, a woman in her 30’s or 40’s with end stage cervical cancer, and she had severe, severe pain. She came in with kidney failure. She had failed radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We decided we weren’t going to perform any more therapies. I spoke to the family and said I had nothing more to offer. I also asked if they would like to have Master Wu come. We talked a bit and surely Master Wu came. The patient was bed-ridden for days and was on high doses of morphine for pain relief by IV. About an hour after the first treatment, I received a call from the nurse. The nurse said the patient wanted her pain medication decreased because she was not having any pain. I said sure. In the morning when I visited the patient who was on pain medication for weeks, she was now completely off morphine. From that point on, she was completely off morphine. She started to drink, eat, and asked to get out of the bed. Her kidney problem also started to turn around. It started making urine. Of the group of patients that we have looked at, there is no question in my mind that Master Wu treatment has led to a prolongation of quality life, as these people lived a much longer that I had ever expected. And they lived a life that is pain free. I am very interested in Qigong therapy and, as you may know about, the National Cancer Institute is also very interested and now has a branch for the investigation of alternative medicine and therapies.

There are really a lot of alternative treatments that are fake, hocus-pocus, and money making opportunities that only take advantage of people, and they do absolutely nothing. But there’s no doubt in my mind that Master Wu is of the utmost sincerity in what he does.

Dr.Finkler & Master Shen Wu

Dr. Finkler, Master Shen Wu and Nurse Mao

Dr. Stanley Fahn, MD Dr. Fahn

Neurologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

Specialist in Movement Disorder

“After watching Master Shen Wu’s Music before Medicine videoes, I felt that my body became very relaxed and comfortable. I really like the Joy of Life Books. In addition, I especially like the Heavenly Tone composed by Master Shen Wu. Due to stressful work environment, busy schedules at work, and fatigue. I have insomnia for a long time. But when I listened to the Heavenly Tone CD before going to sleep, without eating sleeping pills, I ended up sleeping very soundly throughout the night. ”


Master Shen Wu and Dr. FahnDiscussion of patient conditions

Dr. Todd Hartley, MD

Dr. ToddNeurologist at Florida Hospital

40 years of experience, On Time Doctor Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition, Patients’Choice Awards

“A couple of months ago I have a malignant melanoma on my left arm, I was told that it is quite thin and it is a prognostic indicator that I don’t have to worry about it and I will be fine. However, a couple months later, I had a recurrence…The problem with medication is that it makes you feel awful, vomit, have fever and feel tired. None of the treatment of chemotherapy made sense to me…I knew what I really needed is something that could strengthen my immune system and help me fight cancer. I knew that nothing in the western medicine took that approach and I would have to turn to eastern medicine that focuses on strengthening of energy. He treats you by listening to music and doing exercises that you could do on your own…I have proven to myself the therapy was working and his treatment works. My life has been turned around by this therapy. I’ve got control of my life back.”



Dr. Todd & Master Shen Wu

Dr. Clayton Bredlau, MD

Dr. Clayton Bredlau

Harvard Graduated Cardiologist at Heart & Vascular Center-Sarasota

“I’ve had two treatment with Master Wu. After the first treatment, the chronic pain in my right neck and right shoulder subsided significantly. After the second treatment it had subsided even more and I’ve had better sleep in the last two month. I’ve experienced a lot of tingling and energy because I have a small inflamed right knee. I had a bloodclot in my right shoulder and my muscles were twitching, the energy was going down my arm, it was opening the meridians. I feel much better. Very good music. It was the strings for the heart.”

Dr. Hank Yang, MD PHD

Dr. Henry Yang

Assistant Professor at UCLA School of Medicine

Director at Lab of Multiple Myeloma & Bone Metastasis Cedars SInai Medicine Center

“Most of the patients Master Wu treated is some of the patients who failed under traditional western medicine approach and a lot of patients that we give up. Quiet often patients would look for alternative medicine and Master Wu can provide better effective treatment…This patient was considered end state patient, lying in bed, can not eat, no energy. To my surprise, this patient got much better after Master Wu’s treatment, gained energy, started to eat and get up from the bed to walk around. The symptoms definitely improved…The patient gets to live longer as long as they still receive treatment.”

Dr. Thomas Katta, MDDr. Thomas Katta

Hematologist and Medical Oncologist at Orlando Regional Medical Center

“I recognize something new and genuine in the field of medicine. I believe Master Shen Wu’s music is an alternative medicine for cancer patient. There seems to be increase in cancers. There’s little techniques now to detect cancer. There’s still limited treatment of cancer such as chemo and so forth. Clearly, a lot of suffer from a lot of pain. And maybe there is an alternative treatment in terms of pain management and prescriptive medications.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD

Cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

“I listened to the music and especially enjoy the fire music for the heart.”


Dr.Oz & Master Shen Wu Dr.Oz & Master Shen Wu Talking Dr.Oz & Master Shen Wu Thinking

Dr. Danny Petrasek MD. PhD. PA

Dr.Danny Petrasek and Master WuFaculty of Bioengineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

“There is no doubt that there is an art and science to the application of music biologically. One of the most miraculous applications of this concept is embodied in the work of Master Shen Wu. He has captured the body of ancient Royal Chinese knowledge and has applied it to wellness and health in general. These techniques heal and soothe on multiple levels and while there is clinical work being done to confirm and fundamentally understand the methods, there is no doubt that the fundamental scientific basis for Master Wu’s musical energy is grounded and with precedent.”


Dr. Melvin Yahr, MDDr. Yahr

Expert in treatment of Parkinson’s Disease at Mount Sinai Hospital

“I have been treating Henry Liang suffering from a severe case of Parkinson’s Disease for nearly 28 years. After the treatment, Mr.Liang’s condition dropped from a grade three to a grade two. I think somebody’s got to look into anybody that comes with a treatment with a legitimacy like that. Anybody who says it is unreal is not being legitimate.”



Dr. Yahr, Master Shen Wu and Mr. Liang

Dr. Patricia Aragon, MD
Patricia Aragon

Florida Neurologist

Since I had treatment by Master Wu for a week and learned how to do qi gong exercises, I have only been sick once. This is miraculous for me, since I used to have such a low immune system that I wassick literally every week!  As a child, I was at the ER all the time and I never dreamed that I wouldsurvive into adulthood.  I have always tried to eat right and exercise since I was a child because Iwanted to avoid being sick.  I learned so much about health, I even became a doctor!  But evenknowing as much as I do about health and while doing “all the right things,” I still got sick everyweek.  I was actually told by a doctor friend at work to take some time off to get well.  I responded by telling her that I was having the healthiest year of my life—she was shocked.  This was before I learned qi gong exercises.  Now, I have not only been cured of all of my chronic illnesses, I also no longer fallprey to illness every week.  In fact, I am in such good health that everyone close to me is so astonishedthat they have to comment upon it.In addition to avoiding illness, I can now do qi gong exercises when I am sick to heal myself.  I no longer have any chronic or serious medical problems, now I am only plagued by such things as the fluor tension headaches.  For example, if I get a tension headache, I know how to take the bad qi out and how to replace it with positive qi, thus restoring the balance of qi.  Once I have done that, the pain usually subsides instantly. The only time I have been actually sick, I had a stomach flu that involved some nasty stomach pains and pretty severe diarrhea.  I had to go home from work. When I got home,I did some qi gong exercises and the pain was greatly lessened.  The diarrhea also lessened.  I felt well enough to go out and spend time with visitors from out of town and have a light dinner with them. Ilearned from a friend who had the same illness that he experienced extreme diarrhea symptoms and stomach pain, the worst of which had probably avoided by means of qi gong.  Thus, I have benefited greatly from learning qi gong.  I am no longer ill; instead I enjoy good health and energy. I also know that I can keep myself healthy by means of qi gong.  Since good health is priceless, I know that I have received a great gift from Master Wu. I am very grateful to Master Wu for changing my life.  I wake up every day and I am grateful for all that I have received, because it is worth more than gold to me.      .


Elisa Mao, RN26mao10copy2

Royal College of Nursing

Registered Nursing at Federal Government Hospital

“At the end of 1996, I was diagnosed with very serious liver cirrhosis. I knew many famous doctors in the industries and went after them for help. After suffering from many pain resulting from the treatment and prescriptive medicines. They told me they could do nothing else except a liver transplant. My husband left my son and myself. I wanted to commit suicide under the Golden Bridge in San Francisco but ended up not doing so because I couldn’t leave my son alone in this world. Fortunately, I met Master Shen Wu in June 1997 when I was in the fringe of physical, mental breakdown and on the edge of bankruptcy. He said I still have a chance to live and gave me the treatments. I was so grateful to him that I decided to work for him as a personal assistant in the clinic. ”


Dr. Finkler, Master Shen Wu and Nurse Mao Ana Ferrina & Master Shen Wu

Ana Ferrina

Distinguished pianist

had received many musical awards from Vienna, Austria

“I’ve had 17 treatments. My life is different. After first two or three treatment, I woke up one morning..Having months after months of dragging around after chemo, I suddenly felt like I was normal. Like I felt like someone who was not sick! And since then, it keeps going. So many good things have happened! The tapes fascinate me because he does use pentatonic scale a lot. As a musicologist, I know very well that pentatonic scale has very soothing effects on your psyche. I have one in my car also. Very calming.”

Lingling GuanGuan ling smile

Violinist recommended by Yehudi Menuhin

Violinist at St. Louis Symphony

“I had a injury at my shoulder. For four month I haven’t been playing. I went to six doctors but I didn’t get complete treatment very well. Three doctors said I need to get surgery. Last night I met Master Wu for a treatment.I feel relieved immediately. Before I feel something is blocked here and after the treatment, I can play violin immediately without pain. I feel my qi and my blood is flowing. This morning I received another treatment. I can move my arm freely and I feel completely healed.  The result is a miracle. Now I can go back to playing violin without pain. Thank you so much!”

Mr. Liang

Parkinson’s Disease Patient

Dr. Yahr, Master Shen Wu and Mr. Liang

Artreis Dobbins

Orlando Local who heard about Master Shen Wu from the internet.

“When I came here I had three tumors and headaches all the time and now I only have one. I got rid of two of them. The large one is only half of its size. I like the music. It is relaxing. I play it when I sleep every night.”

Carol Smith

breast cancer patient

Mrs. Wong

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Mrs. Wong was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in Oct. 99. She had received chemotherapy throughout the past year with 6 months remission before relapsed into the critical accelerated blast phase.

Suffering from the side effects of the chemotherapy listed below:

  1. pain
  2. heat
  3. cold
  4. night sweat
  5. edema of feet
  6. nausea
  7. fatigue
  8. poor appetite
  9. insomnia
  10. mucous
  11. anxiety
  12. dry mouth
  13. strengthless
  14. bloating

Mrs. Wong had received total of 5 treatments from Master Wu while he was in California between 27-31 Oct. 2000. All the above signs and symptoms were improved or disappeared after the treatments. She was able to stand and walk herself and her energy level was increased significantly.

December 05, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Kenneth Wong, D.D.S., and I would like to commend and sincerely thank Master Shen Wu for significantly improving the physical and mental well-being of our mother, Chi Wong, through his Music Qi Gong treatment.  Our family, along with Dr. Ellen Yee, M.D., Internal Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), were amazed and impressed with the results of Master Wu’s Qi Gong treatment.  We would also like to express our sincere thanks to Master Wu’s wife, Wu Tai Tai, and Eliza at Master Wu’s clinic in Orlando, Florida, for playing integral and valuable roles in setting up the treatment sessions.

Our mother has chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).  She was diagnosed with CML in October 1999.  Throughout the past year, she has been undergoing Western medical chemotherapy treatment at UCLA involving experimental clinical trials and FDA approved drugs.  These included Peg Intron, STI-571, Mylotarg, and ARA-C.  Peg Intron and Mylotarg were ineffective, STI-571 provided our mother with approximately 6 months of remission before she relapsed into the critical accelerated/blast phase, and currently ARA-C has stabilized her condition.  However, she does suffer from the side effects of the chemotherapy which include fatigue, nausea, severe lack of appetite, and pain.

Master Shen Wu treated our mother with five sessions of his Music Qi Gong from October 27 through October 31, 2000, in Los Angeles, California.  Just several days prior to Qi Gong treatment, our mother started taking daily injections of ARA-C and had extreme fatigue and lack of strength, nausea, pain, and severe lack of appetite.  She could not walk or stand up by herself.  Her Complete Blood Count (CBC) taken during the ARA-C treatment showed that her white blood cell (WBC) counts and blast cell counts were higher than the nominal ranges but were decreasing.  Our subjective observations have concluded that Master Wu’s Music Qi Gong treatment signifcantly improved our mother’s physical condition and mental outlook.  During and after Master Wu’s Qi Gong treatment sessions, the following changes were observed in our mother:

(1)   Just after the first Qi Gong session, our mother’s energy level was significantly increased.  Her strength increased.  She was able to stand and walk by herself!laleu1

(2)   The swelling in her feet and stomach decreased.

(3)   The pain under her right ribs was reduced and her comfort level increased.

(4)   Her appetite increased.

(5)   She slept and rested well.

(6)   Her mucous decreased.

(7)   Her outlook and disposition improved tremendously.  She became positive and happier.

(8)   And in conjunction with the ARA-C injections, her CBC taken after the fifth Qi Gong session showed that the blast cell count had decreased even more and her WBC stabilized within the normal range.

We spoke to an oncologist at UCLA and asked him what he thought about Qi Gong.  He said that some Western physicians know of Qi Gong, know that Qi Gong somehow works when done by the right person, and are aware that Western medicine cannot explain how or why Qi Gong works.  But the majority of practitioners of Western medicine still remain skeptical of Qi Gong.

However, based on our observations, we firmly believe that Master Wu is the right person to perform Qi Gong treatment and that Master Wu’s Music Qi Gong can provide physical and mental benefits in a number of different ways to patients.  The results that we observed in our mother are very tangible and impressive.  We definitely will have more Music Qi Gong treatment sessions performed by Master Wu on our mother in the near future.


Cancer Patient and family members


Gini W. Cucuel, M.S.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Psycho Therapist

Student of Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong

Until the 1970’s, the majority of the people in the Western World thought of the human being in tripartite terms—made of up body, mind and spirit.  The care of the body was consigned to the medical establishment; the mind was the purview of the educational system; the spirit came under the domain of religious institutions.

But, during the upheavals of the 60’s, when body, mind and spirit all seemed to merge into a psychedelic blur, Westerners began to look at life differently.  We asked questions and expanded our understanding.  We began to look to the East, where humans were thought of more as a blended whole, a unity of body/mind/Spirit, for answers. Words like “holistic” entered the common vocabulary. The concepts of “Yin” and “Yang” lost their mystery.  The medical world was assaulted by individuals seeking an enhanced quality of life.  They came with ideas of “prevention” and “alternative therapies” on their lips.  They began to find healers who practiced acupuncture, herbal remedies and healing touch.  People noticed that something fundamental was missing from education.  Many sought Gurus in the search for enlightenment.  The Wisdom of the Ancients crept into the headlines of today.

As physicists reported on discoveries about energy fields and it became apparent that the human body was not unlike the entire universe in its energy make-up, the ancient Chinese concept of Chi (energy) and the energy meridians of the body no longer seemed mythical.  American doctors made pilgrimages to China to  study the effects of acupuncture for anesthesia and pain control.  Health food stores were overrun with requests for an ever widening variety of Chinese  herbal products.  Television programs featured demonstrations of graceful movements with strange-sounding names like “Tai Chi” and  “Qi Gong.”  How amazing, we thought, that all this information was thousands of years old.  Where had we been that we were just now hearing of it?  I, like many others, opened my mind to explore this new/old thought.

In the midst of this evolution of Western thinking, Shen Wu was born in China into a family steeped in Chinese medical culture.  He learned from his grandfather, a well-known physician, and from The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine the fundamentals of Chinese medicine.  He also became aware of a talent for composing and playing music that had a healing quality.  He discovered that the earliest medicine in China was music and that later, as the health benefit of herbs was recognized, the Chinese symbol for medicine became a combination of the symbols for music and herbs.  Young Wu studied Qi Gong and developed an unique approach to the healing arts—Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong.

As he grew older, he gave his body to the practice of Qi Gong exercises, his mind to education in  health and healing and his spirit to the inspiration of the Divine.  His healing music flowed from his inner connection with that Divine Spirit.  He became a unified Body/Mind/Spirit entity—healer, musician, teacher, humanitarian and spiritual guide—in short, A Master.

I met Master Shen Wu and was introduced to his Musical Chi Gong Therapy shortly after a major life crisis.  My doctor had just said to me, “Your biopsy shows that you have endometrial cancer.”

The serendipitous events that led from that diagnosis to a state of complete health took me down an amazing path.  It began when I accidentally heard about Qi Gong while attending a professional seminar in my field of psychotherapy.  I subsequently watched a video describing Master Wu’s Musical Qi Gong which contained a testimonial regarding the efficacy of Qi Gong for improving quality of life and ending  the pain of terminal cancer patients.  What was my surprise when I recognized the physician on the video, Dr. Neil Finkler, as the one gynecological oncologist that had been recommended to me by four out of four doctors.  As he contemplated what he had witnessed with Master Wu, he allowed himself to wonder aloud about what Master Wu might do for people who came to him earlier in their illnesses.  I decided there and then that I would avail myself of the healing qualities of Master Wu’s Musical Qi Gong before I became a “terminal patient.”

As I experienced a Musical Qi Gong therapy session with Master Wu. I was filled with such a glorious feeling of love and light, balance and harmony that I immediately knew I would follow his recommendation and complete twenty such sessions before going into surgery.  My surgeon, Dr. Finkler, agreed to do a second biopsy at the end of the treatments.

During the six weeks from my first to last Musical Qi Gong session, I began to learn Qi Gong exercises,  performing them daily to Master’s Wu’s music, which is based on the Chinese five tone musical scale corresponding to the five organs identified by ancient men of medicine.  I also began to study the theory and principles of Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong, as well as the philosophy behind the exercises.  In the course of therapy sessions I experienced visions of moving colors, energized yin and yang symbols and piercing shafts of light coming through an open door and entering my body.  My energy increased and my state of health became vibrant.  My friends and associates all commented on my energy and spirit, saying I appeared “radiant.”  I felt absolutely no fear regarding my condition, but instead, a calm inner awareness that all was well.

My second biopsy, after the twenty Qi Gong treatments, still showed some cancer remaining in the lining of my uterus, and surgery was scheduled.   The surgery was quick and easy.  I recovered rapidly, feeling well enough to return to work after two weeks.  Pathology reports indicated that the cancer “was confined to the inner one-third of the uterine wall, 2.4 MM maximum thickness, 1 MM maximum depth of invasion into inner one-third of myometrium.  No lymphovascular invasion is identified.”  No malignancy was found in the ovaries, tubes, lymph nodes, pelvic washings or diaphragm washings.  All was clean and clear, no cancer remaining.  My doctors proclaimed me, “cured.”

It is my knowing that my experience with Qi Gong and its energy balancing effects allowed my body to reduce the virulence of the cancer and to release the disease process from surrounding tissue.  I continue to feel  vibrant and  radiant, embracing life in all its aspects.

It is with great joy and honor that I write this “Introduction” to Master Shen Wu’s book on Musical Qi Gong.  I know that anyone seeking to release a disease process, to obtain a greater understanding of the meaning of life, to learn  relaxation from physical and mental tension, to achieve a more focused intelligence and a deepening awareness of spirit will find truth and comfort in the words of this book.  But it is the practice of the principles that uplifts and inspires.

The ever-turning wheel of life with its balance, harmony and oneness is especially evident to me as I contemplate a portion of my ancestral history which I reported to Master Wu:  “Five generations ago, my great-great-grandfather left Midway, Georgia, to journey to China as a missionary from the Presbyterian Church, U.S.  Five generations later, a man from China is a missionary to me.”

May all who come in contact with this book and with Master Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong therapy be blessed, as I feel I have been blessed, with radiant health of body, mind and Spirit.


Ms.Joe Evans

Skin problems & bronchitis asthma patient

“I feel like I have been given a second life. My daughter has a lot of allergies and like myself, has bronchitis asthma. This time I didn’t want to give her any medicine. So what I did was I got out the metal tone tape…not only did she fall right into sleep, she slept very sound throughout the whole night and when she starts to cough, I would flip the tape and play it again. I told my husband and I thought that it is wonderful.”

Cancer Pain Management & Control Case #1



Cancer Pain Management & Control Case #2


Female, 50 years Old, Beautician 
I have been having chronic otitis media(pus discharge from ears) since 2 years of age. I have gone through several operations since the age of 20 years but there was no improvement at all. Due to the pressure of work, my ear problem recurred. Since attending Master Shen Wu Qi Gong class in September 2007, I have been listening to the music and practicing the Qi Gong everyday. Together with the hydrotherapy, my ear problem improves. Now, my ears do not discharge any pus and there is no more itch. This made me have great confidence in the music therapy. I am willing to introduce music therapy to the beauty world so that more people can benefit from it.

Klang, Malaysia

Female, 33 years old, Teacher 

Recently, I noticed some bloody discharge from my vagina. Doctor told me that it is due to hormonal imbalance. My husband has been hoping for a second child and I indirectly felt the pressure. I have consulted Chinese Physicians but to no avail. In September 2006, I attended Master Shen Wu’s Music Qi Gong class. I had doubt about this therapy till August 2007 when I started to learn the Qi Gong with the Qi Gong Support Group. I then practice very diligently at home. Friends commented that my complexion has improved. The most fortunate thing is that the doctor confirmed that I am pregnant. I am very grateful to Master Shen Wu and my friends.

Klang, Malaysia

Female. 68 years old, Housewife 

Before learning about Music Qi Gong, I used to visit doctors for my gastric problem. After attending Master Shen Wu’s elementary class in Qi Gong in Oct 2006, my sickness was finally properly diagnosed. With the combination of medical treatment and Music Qi Gong, my health improves. The more I practice, the more I feel the different reactions. I hope everybody continue to listen to the music and practice the Qi Gong. With proper food intake, I believe everybody’s health gets better. Thank you Master Wu.

Seremban, Malaysia

Female, 50 years old, Housewife

I have 4 children. I started to listen to Master Shen Wu’s music 2 years ago. Since then, there is much improvement in my health. More importantly, everybody at home also benefited indirectly though I bought the CD for my own health problems. Everybody’s health has improved as well and there is much harmony in my family. Though my family is not that well-off, I am happy that I have the love of my family members, support of the Qi Gong Support Group members and  Master Shen Wu and wife who have been my guidance along the way. Thank you very much. I believe if everyone can make full use of the music and practice the Qi Gong in his life, everybody can be equally happy.

I personally appreciate Master’s live music presentation. The rhythm of music penetrates the body and vibrates with every cell and meridian. This is a very effective way of getting relief and can reach an indescribable state where emotions and feelings are expressed thoroughly.

                                                                        Klang, Malaysia 

Family member of the patient 

One year ago, my sister was diagnosed to have brain tumor. She had gone through many forms of treatment but without improvement. Then a friend of mine introduced Master’s Shen Wu Therapeutic Music 4-5 months ago. On that day when my sister started to listen to the ‘Heavenly Tone’, there was a fantastic reaction. Three days later, she was admitted to hospital for operation with successful outcome. We are very thankful to our friends. In September 2007, Master Shen Wu personally treated my sister and there was obvious improvement. She responded and could speak a few words. Everybody noticed that she was very peaceful. I have never stopped putting on Master’s CD. I have the opinion that Master Shen Wu is a very special Master. Thank you very much!

                                                                         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Female, 33 years old, Housewife 

Ever since I attended Master Shen Wu’s Qi Gong class in September 2007, I have been practicing the Qi Gong and listening to the music. My energy has obviously improved. My son is having nerve control system problem. Now, his concentration and comprehension have improved too. Even his salivation is well-controlled now. My sister-a thyroid patient, during the process of doing the Qi Gong, she developed lower abdominal bloatiness as though she was pregnant. With friend’s encouragement, she continue to practice the Qi Gong and listen to the music, the bloatiness disappeared eventually. Thanks to Master Wu.

                                                                                                 Klang, Malaysia 

Female, 33 years old, Housewife 

I suffered from severe depression .I attended Master’s Qi Gong classes this year and was also being treated by Master himself. My health condition improves obviously. In addition, my complexion and energy are now very good. Friends comment that I am more cheerful recently. Thanks to Master Wu and the Qi Gong Support Group. Because of you, I overcome many difficulties. I will continue to practice the Qi Gong. Once my health has improved well, I will share with everybody around me.

                                                               Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Male, 47 years old, Professional 

Due to my work, I was too busy to listen to the music when I first bought Master Shen Wu’s music CD two years ago. Now, I relax myself and listen to the music properly. I could feel that there is a flow of energy twirling in my body in accordance to the music. I feel that Master’s music is very much different from other ordinary music. I will explore its wonder further. Thank you Master Wu.

                                                                            San Francisco, USA


My son, Ivan, 9 years old, had complained his left leg pain. After a few check-up, was found that he has “Perthes Disease” and advised by the doctor not to continue his taekwando class. Fortunately, I met a friend who introduced “ Master Shen Wu Music Therapy ” and by the help of Qigong Support Group. Ivan successfully go-thru the surgery no pain-killer and the wound healed very well in very short time. He able to walk without the crutches. Follow by Master Wu personal healing in September 2007. Because of Ivan still walking with a limp, frankly speaking, I felt a bit doubt. In the month of November 2007, the latest X-ray check-up, I was very happy. [ The femoral head has grown to normal in such a short time as he grows, he will able to walk normally again ]. This is what I’m going looking for. Thank you very much to Master Wu and his Qigong Support Group.

                                                                                                           Malaysia, Klang

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