Uterus Cancer Case (Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Case)

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Master Shen Wu and Gini W.Cucuel
Master Shen Wu, Gini W.Cucuel and Her Daughter16gini2copy

Until the 1970s, the majority of the people in the Western World thought of the human being in tripartite terms; made up of body, mind and spirit. The care of the body was consigned to the medical establishment; the mind was the purview of the educational system; the spirit came under the domain of religious institutions.

But, during the upheavals of the 60’s, when body, mind and spirit all seemed to merge into a psychedelic blur, Westerner’s began to look at life differently. We asked questions and expanded our understanding. We began to look to the East, where humans were thought of more as a blended whole, a unity of body/mind/Spirit, for answers. Words like holistic entered the common vocabulary. The concepts of Yin and Yang lost their mystery. The medical world was assaulted by individuals seeking an enhanced quality of life. They came with ideas of prevention and alternative therapies on their lips. They began to find healers who practiced acupuncture, herbal remedies and healing touch. People noticed that something fundamental was missing from education. Many sought Gurus in the search for enlightenment. The Wisdom of the Ancients crept into the headlines of today.

As physicists reported on discoveries about energy fields and it became apparent that the human body was not unlike the entire universe in its energy make-up, the ancient Chinese concept of Qi (energy) and the energy meridians of the body no longer seemed mythical. American doctors made pilgrimages to China to study the effects of acupuncture for anesthesia and pain control. Health food stores were overrun with requests for an ever widening variety of Chinese herbal products. Television programs featured demonstrations of graceful movements with strange-sounding names like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. How amazing, we thought, that all this information was thousands of years old. Where had we been that we were just now hearing of it? I, like many others, opened my mind to explore this new/old thought.

In the midst of this evolution of Western thinking, Shen Wu was born in China into a family steeped in Chinese medical culture. He learned from his grandfather, a well-known physician, and from The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine the fundamentals of Chinese medicine. He also became aware of a talent for composing and playing music that had a healing quality. He discovered that the earliest medicine in China was music and that later, as the health benefit of herbs was recognized, the Chinese symbol for medicine became a combination of the symbols for music and herbs. Young Wu studied Qi Gong and developed an unique approach to the healing arts: Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong.

As he grew older, he gave his body to the practice of Qi Gong exercises, his mind to education in health and healing and his spirit to the inspiration of the Divine. His healing music flowed from his inner connection with that Divine Spirit. He became a unified Body/Mind/Spirit entity. Healer, musician, teacher, humanitarian and spiritual guide in short, A Master.

I met Master Shen Wu and was introduced to his Musical Chi Gong Therapy shortly after a major life crisis. My doctor had just said to me, “Your biopsy shows that you have endometrial cancer.

The serendipitous events that led from that diagnosis to a state of complete health took me down an amazing path. It began when I accidentally heard about Qi Gong while attending a professional seminar in my field of psychotherapy. I subsequently watched a video describing Master Wu’s Musical Qi Gong which contained a testimonial regarding the efficacy of Qi Gong for improving quality of life and ending the pain of terminal cancer patients. What was my surprise when I recognized the physician on the video, Dr. Neil Finkler, as the one gynecological oncologist that had been recommended to me by four out of four doctors. As he contemplated what he had witnessed with Master Wu, he allowed himself to wonder aloud about what Master Wu might do for people who came to him earlier in their illnesses. I decided there and then that I would avail myself of the healing qualities of Master Wu’s Musical Qi Gong before I became a terminal patient.

As I experienced a Musical Qi Gong therapy session with Master Wu. I was filled with such a glorious feeling of love and light, balance and harmony that I immediately knew I would follow his recommendation and complete twenty such sessions before going into surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Finkler, agreed to do a second biopsy at the end of the treatments.

During the six weeks from my first to last Musical Qi Gong session, I began to learn Qi Gong exercises, performing them daily to Masters Wu’s music, which is based on the Chinese five tone musical scale corresponding to the five organs identified by ancient men of medicine. I also began to study the theory and principles of Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong, as well as the philosophy behind the exercises. In the course of therapy sessions I experienced visions of moving colors, energized yin and yang symbols and piercing shafts of light coming through an open door and entering my body. My energy increased and my state of health became vibrant. My friends and associates all commented on my energy and spirit, saying I appeared radiant. I felt absolutely no fear regarding my condition, but instead, a calm inner awareness that all was well.

My second biopsy, after the twenty Qi Gong treatments, still showed some cancer remaining in the lining of my uterus, and surgery was scheduled. The surgery was quick and easy. I recovered rapidly, feeling well enough to return to work after two weeks. Pathology reports indicated that the cancer was confined to the inner one-third of the uterine wall, 2.4 MM maximum thickness, 1 MM maximum depth of invasion into inner one-third of myometrium. No lymphovascular invasion is identified. No malignancy was found in the ovaries, tubes, lymph nodes, pelvic washings or diaphragm washings. All was clean and clear, no cancer remaining. My doctors proclaimed me, cured.

It is my knowing that my experience with Qi Gong and its energy balancing effects allowed my body to reduce the virulence of the cancer and to release the disease process from surrounding tissue. I continue to feel vibrant and radiant, embracing life in all its aspects.

It is with great joy and honor that I write this Introduction to Master Shen Wu’s book on Musical Qi Gong. I know that anyone seeking to release a disease process, to obtain a greater understanding of the meaning of life, to learn relaxation from physical and mental tension, to achieve a more focused intelligence and a deepening awareness of spirit will find truth and comfort in the words of this book. But it is the practice of the principles that uplifts and inspires.

The ever-turning wheel of life with its balance, harmony and oneness is especially evident to me as I contemplate a portion of my ancestral history which I reported to Master Wu: Five generations ago, my great-great-grandfather left Midway, Georgia, to journey to China as a missionary from the Presbyterian Church, U.S. Five generations later, a man from China is a missionary to me.

May all who come in contact with this book and with Master Shen Wu’s Musical Qi Gong therapy be blessed, as I feel I have been blessed, with radiant health of body, mind and Spirit.

Gini W. Cucuel, M.S.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Report BEFORE Musical Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) treatment:

GRADE 3 ! ( before )

 Gini W.Cucuel Report before music therapy treatment

Report AFTER Musical Qi Gong (Chinese Music Therapy) treatment:

 Gini W.Cucuel Report after music therapy treatment

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