What is Musical Qigong Therapy?

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Ancient Chinese medicine texts, the I-Ching and The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine, explain that our internal organs have intrinsic frequencies. Through resonance, musical sound waves of the Five-Tones can vibrate the body’s five major organ systems, thus correcting their imbalance to gain smooth flow of qi for vigor and longevity.

Music, herbal medicine, and Qigong (qi energy exercises) shared the spotlight as the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine in ancient times. Music was considered to be the most important and the foremost of the three; hence the character for “music” was created before and placed above the character for “herb” to form the character for “medicine”.


However, with the increase in efficacy of herbal medicine, and a series of unfortunate incidents in Chinese history, the use of music as medicine vanished completely for thousands of years. But Master Shen Wu, a master Qigong practitioner, re-discovered the therapeutic effects of music by studying the ancient texts. He also discovered that playing the Five-Tones while practicing Qigong, qi flow amplified quickly. He then combined the two powerful healing therapies of music and Qigong to form his Music Qigong Therapy. Now music is restored to its rightful stature as a healing therapy.

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