What is Musical Qigong?

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To understand Musical qigong. It helps to have know something about master Shen Wu: his family, vision, life, work, talents and gifts, it also helps to look at a brief history of Chinese culture and medicine. Master Wu has a vision of bringing ancient Chinese wisdom together with modern science, technology and medicine. he was born in china in the same area as the famous Chinese philosopher lo zi, he comes from a family of physicians. At the young age of 8 it was recognized he had a gift for helping people to heal, become healthier and recover from injuries and illnesses fortunately, this gift was nurtured and supported by his family, master Wu is not the only person with this gift, in fact he says we all have it differing degrees. An example might be that we can all play golf, but tiger woods has an special talent that was recognized, nurtured and supported by his family. Master Wu is, to make and analogy the tiger woods of qi gong.

Qi gong roughly means energy exercise. There are 3 basic types of qi gong soft, which includes breathing and meditation, hard, which includes tai chi and martial arts and medicine which is for healing yourself and others. Master Shen wu knows all forms. He is known for creating dong fung fu yin gong or music qigong it is very rare today to find what the Chinese call a true qigong master. In recent times as qi gong has become more popular in china, the Chinese have taken very seriously determine if a person is a true qigong master or what the Chinese call a false qi gong master. Briefly a true qigong master must be recognized and certified by the Chinese government, be knowledgeable and published in Chinese literature, philosophy, medicine, arts and science and very importantly must have over 100 medically documented cases of healing illnesses, disease or injuries these medical cases must be documented using western medical Technology such as MRI scans blood tests, X-rays and other scientific verifiable data, Master Wu is one of only a very few that meets these standards.

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